Gender Justice

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Bisan believes in equality and justice in gender issues. The center seeks to contribute to the consecration and exercise of social roles for women and men, in order to reach equality and justice in economic, political and social rights, through its programs and research, Bisan works to achieve several goals:
1. Influencing legislation and policies by implementing pressure campaigns on decision-makers to pass legislation and adopt policies that guarantee gender inclusion and achieve equality and justice.
2. Raising the sensitivity of local communities towards women’s political, social and economic rights by raising societal awareness in general and raising women’s awareness of their rights in particular.
3. Building the capacities of grassroots women’s groups and women’s organizations that adopt the principle of joint work between men and women, and creating common development models between the two genders.
4. Increase and accumulate the influence of civil society organizations in the field of gender through networking, research, media and joint initiatives. Such as the center’s membership in the Palestinian NGOs Forum to Combat Violence against Women, the National Coalition for Approval of the Family Protection Law from Violence, and the National Coalition for the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Bisan Center participates in “Feminism around the world”

This post is also available in: العربية (Arabic)Bisan Center for Research and development participated in “Feminism around the world” webinar, as our colleague Dalia Nassar from Union of Palestinian Women Committees presented us. The webinar was organized by the Belgium organization Viva Salud and the Belgium youth group Students for Change (COMAC), on Monday