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Development poses an integral part of Bisan Center’s work and vision, as it adopts a progressive developmental notion that focuses on the socio-economic rights of the Palestinian community in general and on the poor and marginalized in particular.  Seeking to generalize the concept of control over natural resources and its exploitation in a way that provides social justice, Bisan Center’s development philosophy is based on developmental initiatives that combines national liberation, social progress and democracy.

Bisan has presented models of development through its projects, programs and research. Throughout conventions, focus groups and research, Bisan offers a critical view of development than that presented by the Palestinian Authority. By criticizing governmental corruption in management and distribution of resources, the center presents an alternative development model, which prioritizes production, investment, and natural resources over consumption and liberal economic policies.

Bisan connects its developmental views and direction with the importance of building a fair social safety net that is inclusive of all categories of the Palestinian community and refuses normalized development projects with the occupation states and its partners, with reaffirmation on self-sufficiency within the concept of development for steadfastness.