Thursday, March 4, 2021

About Bisan Center

Bisan Center for Research and Development is an active civil society organisation, non- governmental and not for profit with democratic and progressive values at its core that continuously seeks to enhance Palestinians resilience at large. Bisan was established in 1989 and registered officially by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior 27/1/2004 under registration number: RA/ 22233/ SS. The organization’s general assembly regularly elects a three years Board of Directors.

Vision & Mission

Vission: A developed Palestinian Society that has a culture that promotes freedom, justice, equality and dignity.

Mission: Bisan Center for Research and Development is a progressive Palestinian Civil Society Research and Development organization. The center aligns itself with the poor and marginalized in their struggles to achieve their socio-economic rights in the context of national and democratic liberation in Palestine. The center supports this struggle through knowledge production and building partnerships with democratic and popular organisations.

Objectives Main

1) Developmental programs withemancipatory approach are designed towards contributingto the creation of a socialmovement. a. Maintain the good reputation and the credibility of the Center as a resource center for critical positions and analysis of existing developmental models and practices. The center shall further develop its programs inknowledge production and building, community development and in working particularly with youth. b. Further enhance programs that promote an alternative development paradigm. 2) Policies & legislations with socio-economic rights approach are highly influenced. a. Policy makers are influencedto adopt policies, legislations and programs protecting social and economic rights ofPalestinians. b. Grassroots and civil society institutions are further empowered to achieve social justice. 3) Bisan’s efficiencyand effectiveness as a civil society organization is enhanced. a. Strategies and programs are constantly revised and further developed. b. Organisation’s structure is more responsive to the organisation’s capacities, needs and potentials. c. Competent human resources in administrative, technical, and professional fieldsare strengthened. d. A financial system to theInternationalAccounting Standardsis fully and constantly adhered to. e. Information systemis always integral and responsive. f. Necessary funds for further development of the Center’s programs are well identified and allocated. g. Monitoringandevaluation systems are revised, adjusted and further developed.


Based on analyzing the internal and external environment of work and taking into consideration Bisan’s prolonged experience, the organization applies the following intervention strategies in order to fulfill its mission, vision and objectives: – Producing critical research knowledge about strategic and emerging issues related to development in Palestine. – Launch lobbying and advocacy campaigns and enhancing the capacities of the Right Holders to lead and execute proposed campaigns. – Integrating culture in the majority of projects and tasks as a source of enhancement in the capacity of the Center and Rights Holders to gain exposure and improve public awareness. – Networking will be utilized as a tool to coordinate the work with other counterparts to accumulate efforts in order to reach better achievement of the objectives. Build the capacity of the Rights Holders and the organization in order to fulfill the previous mentioned tasks.

Cultural Impact

As a civil society organization, which believes that the reinforcement and preservation of a Palestinian national identity will inevitably enhance Palestinians’ resilience, Bisan Center for Research and Development has emerged itself, through its projects and research, into culturally oriented programs aiming to preserve Palestinian identity. The Center captures its vision of development for freedom, justice, and equality through its alignment with the poor and marginalized in the Palestinian society. Within Bisan’s work with youth organizations, feminist institutions, and CBO’s in marginalized and rural areas from all over Palestine to support their struggle in advancing their socio-economic rights, Bisan has been able to foster cultural initiatives and events that stem from Bisan’s belief in supporting the participation of youth and women. Bisan Center for Research and Development ensures that the majority of its projects, programs, and alignments include cultural awareness activities that aim at integrating research and development with culture as a base for a national Palestinian identity. In addition, the Center adopts a human rights-based approach, which integrates and mainstreams human rights in all of its work. This approach is commonly operationalized by ensuring that the procedural aspects of the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 194 8 and other international human rights instruments are duly taken into account, especially emphasizing participation, accountability, non-discrimination and transparency. Applying this approach when working with youth as rights holders has a great potential on engaging youth to become more active and prone to participate in the public sphere.

Gender Policy

Bisan’s Perception of Gender “Contribute in embodying and practicing social roles by men and women to achieve equality and equal socio- economic rights”. Bisan believes in gender justice, and thus it works in its programs to achieve this goal. Bisan has a gender policy and focuses on promoting women’s rights especially through the coalition for ending violence against women. Bisan Gender Equality Objectives: 1.Affect the legislations, laws, and bylaws to embody gender concept 2. Increase and accumulate the impact of the civil organizations in the field of gender through networking, research, media, and joint initiatives 3. Increase the community’s awareness of gender through: – Create joint developmental models for men and women – Build the capacity of women CBOs and the organizations that adopt the principle of joint work between men and women – Conduct campaigns, trainings, and researches to serve embodying the gender concept – Create work opportunities for women and endorse gender concept within Bisan’s work. “Enabling Women Economically and Socially through Cooperatives” funded by UNIFEM, which Bisan Center initiated the project by issuing a study about the reality of cooperatives in Palestine before starting work to help establish eight women-led cooperatives ranging from animal production, agricultural production, to sewing and embroidery production. The Center provided 560 training hours in cooperative concepts, technical procedures, and cooperative specialties, and conducted lobbying and advocacy campaigns targeting themodification of Labor Laws, Cooperative Laws, and providing social protection for cooperative workers. Currently, more than 50 women are working with the established cooperatives and making more than the minimum wage in Palestine.

Target Group

Bisan works with the following groups as rights holders: · Workers: Bisan invests in efforts to contribute in guaranteeing and fulfilling workers’ socio- economic rights that should be prioritized and promoted, to ensure that all Palestinian employers will respect decent work standards · Poor and marginalized: Palestine is a poor country, mainly as the result of the occupation’s policies and practices. Moreover, the applied neo- liberal policy by PNA led to the impoverishment of people. Gettingall the social segments involved in the developmental action will be a major challenge on which Bisan is focusing, to ensure that socio economic rights of the people are protected. · Youth: Youth (aged 15-29) are the backbone of any society, the futureas they constitute over 30% of Palestinian Society (PCBS 2018), and Bisan worksto facilitate pprotectingand promotingthe political, social, and economic rights of Palestinian youth. The focus will be on youth groups and all the youth’s organizations (the structure, the role, the mechanisms of work, related laws,…etc) on the official and community level. · Women: Bisan believes in gender justice, and thus it works in its programs to achieve this goal. Bisan has a gender policy and focuses on promoting women’s rights especially through the coalition for ending violence against women (the coalition for ending violence against women.