One week after the World’s court Ruling, Here is How Israel Violated it

On 26 January 2024, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) determined the plausibility that Israel is carrying out genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, and ordered Israel to:

  1. prevent the commision of genocidal acts
  2. prevent and punish public incitement to genocide
  3. ensure aid and services reach Palestinians

In the week since the ICJ’s ruling, Israel has expectedly continued its genocidal war on Gaza in clear violation of the legally binding order and in total impunity. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in relation to the ICJ ruling said on 27 January, that “Israel will act according to what is required for our security.”. Third states have either failed their obligation to prevent such genocidal acts or supported them.

Here is a recap of documented violations over the past week.

Ongoing Genocidal Acts – Killings, and Causing Serious bodily or mental harm

  • In the past week alone, the Israeli army killed around 936 Palestinians (among them 500 children)[1] and wounded 1,650 others, bringing the total number of killings since 7 October 2023 to at least 27,100 and the injuries to 66,000.
  • In one of the horrific killings of five family members this week, an audio recording by PRCS documents the last moments before the family was massacred. Layan Hamadeh, 15, called PRCS asking for help after an Israeli tank besieged and targeted the family in their car. Layan’s last words were “they are shooting at us, the tank is next to us”, before heavy shootings were heard. Layan, her three siblings and parents were killed, while 6-year-old orphaned Hind remained trapped inside the car surrounded by her family’s deceased bodies.
  • A mass grave was found in the northern Gaza Strip, where at least 30 Palestinian bodies were found dead, handcuffed and blindfolded. The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for an investigation into accusations that Israeli forces executed prisoners “in the most horrific forms.”
  • Over the week, Palestinians in Gaza released from Israeli detention shared harrowing accounts of torture, beatings, starvation, humiliation and abuse,

Ongoing Genocidal Acts – Forcible Displacement and inflicting conditions of life to bring about physical destruction:

  • Israel has intensified its attacks on hospitals including the Nasser Medical Complex and Al-Amal Hospital in Khan Younis. At besieged Nasser Hospital, this has resulted in power outages and the collapse of medical services. A doctor reported that 95 percent of staff have fled to Rafah, as Israeli forces “bomb anything in front of them”. Further, Israel has continued its 11-day siege on al-Amal Hospital, run by the PRCS. During the week, Israel raided the hospital demanding staff and displaced people taking refuge there to evacuate at gunpoint. Israeli forces also killed two PRCS staff members near the hospital. The besieged hospital has been pushed out of service. Dozens of killed Palestinians were buried at mass graves in the courtyards of Nasser and Al-Amal Hospitals as they were unable to be transported elsewhere due to the continued Israeli bombardment.
  • The situation of cancer patients and kidney dialysis patients is dire as they are denied treatment because of the targeting of health facilities. Over 1,100 kidney dialysis patients face the dire reality that they cannot access kidney dialysis services. There are reports that some kidney dialysis patients have died because of this. Cancer diagnosis services have become unavailable. Annually over 2,000 cancer patients are diagnosed in the Gaza strip.
  • 225,000 people with high blood pressure, 45,000 patients living with cardiovascular disease and 71,000 diabetes patients are facing acute shortages in medication, lack of medical treatment and malnutrition.
  • No access to clean drinking water in the northern governorates of Gaza.
  • Thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate Khan Younis, as many were targeted with shootings, interrogated, detained, and dehumanized. Thousands fleeing Khan Younis arrived at Rafah, where people are sleeping on the street and in tent camps flooded with sewage. Israeli Defence Minister Gallant insisted that Israel does not intend to cease its military operation in Gaza anytime soon, saying “We are achieving our missions in Khan Younis, and we will also reach Rafah and eliminate terror elements that threaten us,”
  • On 29 January, Israel ordered several neighborhoods in Gaza City to evacuate towards the south. This area included around 88,000 displaced Palestinains who are being forcibly displaced again.

Disrupting Humanitarian Aid

  • Less aid has gone daily into Gaza as compared to the average daily trucks entering Gaza before 26 January. On average 64 trucks have entered daily between the 27th and the 31st of January 2023 (Data for 1 and 2 February is not available). For the week between 19- 25 January, 156 trucks entered daily on average.
  • After the ICJ ordered Israel to ensure that basic services and humanitarian aid reach Palestinains, Israel alleged that UNRWA employees had been involved in the October 7 attack. Following this, 16 states have suspended their donations to the agency. Encouraging more donor suspensions, Israeli Foreign Minister Katz said UNRWA should be replaced once fighting in Gaza dies down. The defunding of UNRWA, which is the main humanitarian agency in Gaza, could lead to UNRWA being unable to provide humanitarian services to Gaza by the end of February.
  • During the week, several Israelis protesters attempted to block humanitarian aid trucks entering Gaza at Karem Abu Salem crossing

Public incitement to genocide

  • The Israeli attorney general did not press any charges against any Israeli for issuing Genocidal statements.
  • Rabi Dov Lior, spiritual leader of the Otzma Yehudit party has called on Israelis to break Sabbath to prevent aid from entering the Gaza Strip.
  • 11 ministers and 15 members of Knesset attended a conference on the 28th of January at the Jerusalem International Convention Center organized by Nachala (an Israeli group advocating for the expansion of Jewish Settlements) the conference was titled “ Settlements Bring Security” and called for annexing Gaza. Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has called for the “voluntary migration” of Palestinians at the “Return to Gaza” conference in Jerusalem, outlining a map of 21 settlements to be set.
  • Daniella Weiss Director of Nachala told NBC news that “After Oct. 7th, history changed, It’s the end of the presence of Arabs in Gaza . It’s the end. Instead of them, there will be many, many Jews that will return to settlements, that will build new settlements.”

Israeli soldiers continue to film themselves as they commit crimes in Gaza

  • In one video, a soldier can be seen smiling as a neighbourhood is blown up.
  • A video shows a soldier coercing blindfolded detainees into pledging themselves as slaves.
  • A video of Israeli soldiers standing over several Palestinian men after blindfolding them and tying their hands behind their backs.
  • Another video of Israeli soldiers taunting Palestinians as they are forced of their homes and passing a checkpoint in southern Gaza.


[1] Ministry of health reports Feb 2 and January 26.