Bisan Center and the Social & Psychology Development Association organize psychological relief activities for 700 children in Jalazoun and Silwad.

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Bisan Center for Research and Development, in partnership with the Social & Psychology Development Association, is organizing an initiative for relief and psychological support for children, in the agency’s two schools in both the Jalazoun camp and the town of Silwad, titled “I Have Hope”

The initiative, which targeted 700 children, aims to help students deal with the psychological pressures and crises resulting from the occupation’s violations, in light of the conditions to which Palestinian camps and villages are subjected to repeated raids by the occupation army, and the resulting number of martyrs, arrests, and abuse of the people

The initiative includes artistic, heritage and sports activities, starting with theatrical performances, while folk tales will be presented, a sports festival and other activities will be organized during the coming days, until the end of the initiative on December 20, 2023