[Factsheet] Over 2 million Palestinians at risk of dying of thirst in the Gaza Strip

On the 43rd day of the ongoing war crime against the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupying authorities have waged a war on hospitals to shut them down, carry on forcible displacement, and completely destroy the Gaza city and Nothern Gaza. So far, the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) have dropped more than 32 tonnes of explosives on Gaza, which is two times greater than the Hiroshima bomb.

The Gaza Strip has been subjected to starvation and dehydration as a result of the stifling siege imposed by the IOF since the start of the military aggression on 7 October. The world has been incapable of entering humanitarian aid, which is prevented from reaching Northern Gaza. With the continued bombing, killing and destruction around the clock, citizens of the Gaza Strip face particular hardships in accessing water.

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