Bisan Center for Research and Development organizes two workshops in Tunis

This post is also available in: العربية (Arabic)

Bisan Center for Research and Development organized two workshops for two consecutive days at the beginning of March 2020, in cooperation with the Arab Institute for Human Rights, at the headquarters of  the Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunisia, the first entitled “The Health Reality of Palestinian Prisoners” managed by the ceneters’ Coordinator of Projects and Programs Mrs. Suha Nazzal and within the program “The Right to Health”, the second entitled “Social Justice in the Palestinian Penal Code and Legislation” managed by the legal researcher and author of the study Mrs. Fatima Dana, and in the presence of many relevant Tunisian civil society institutions and coalitions Of human rights, legal and media institutions and coalitions, in addition to a representative of the Palestinian embassy in Tunis.

The workshops aimed at examining the health conditions of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the occupation, and examining the mechanisms and means of advocating for prisoners and sick prisoners by Tunisian civil society institutions and the relationships and influence they possess at the Arab and international level. Also, it gave more information about the Palestinian experience in terms of legislation. The extent of its consistency with international laws and conventions and its achievement of social justice for Palestinian women, in addition to exchanging expertise and experience in the field of harmonization of Tunisian national legislation, international laws and agreements, and the extent to which they achieve justice for Tunisian women.