Bisan Center completes the 2020 annual evaluation of the Right to Health Program

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Bisan Center for Research and Development completed the annual evaluation of 2020 for the Right to Health Program, and the training of “Using Social Media in Advocacy Campaigns” which was held at Jabal An-Najmah Rehabilitation Center, and lasted for three days from 24- 12-2020 to 12-26-2020 with participation of many partners from youth centers and groups.

The evaluation program included: presenting and evaluating the achievements of the youth centers and groups in the program in comparison to the expected results.

The general activities of the program such as awareness workshops, initiatives, production of publications, trainings, campaigns, networking … etc., the activities of the transversal sectors of activities related to gender, environment and solidarity, as well as achievement was measured in the indicators of the program and the impact of the program on young people, their centers, groups and communities.