The Progressive Journal- 1st Issue

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The Progressive Journal is a non-periodical journal that we hope becomes periodic and stable in the near future. The idea behind the Progressive Journal is to be a platform for rational and progressive research and a platform for dialogue between all Palestinian, Arab and progressive progressives in the world. For the sake of restoring the spirit of progressive thought, which adopts the logic that “truth is always progressive” and that striving to reach it is a progressive action aimed primarily at liberating man from the power of alienation in all its forms. It also aims to liberate our societies in the Arab world from manifestations of thinking resulting from the consolidation of traditional values, through the perpetuation of dependency, backwardness and the absence of social justice. The progressive also aims to liberate Palestinian culture and thought from all manifestations of culture coexisting with all the patterns of thinking imposed by the occupation and with the imposition of neoliberalism in terms of exclusivity and the sublimation of the partial over the whole, and with all the forms and implications of maintaining the occupation and its destructive policies for all aspects of Palestinian life.

The progressive journal- First issue