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Bisan believes in gender justice, and thus it works in its programs to achieve this goal. Bisan has a gender policy and focuses on promoting women’s rights especially through the coalition for ending violence against women.

Bisan Gender Equality Objectives:
1.Affect the legislations, laws, and bylaws to embody gender concept 
2. Increase and accumulate the impact of the civil organizations in the field of gender through networking, research, media, and joint initiatives 
3. Increase the community’s awareness of gender through:
– Create joint developmental models for men and women 
– Build the capacity of women CBOs and the organizations that adopt the principle of joint work between men and women 
– Conduct campaigns, trainings, and researches to serve embodying the gender concept 
– Create work opportunities for women and endorse gender concept within Bisan’s work.

“Enabling Women Economically and Socially through Cooperatives” funded by UNIFEM, which Bisan Center initiated the project by issuing a study about the reality of cooperatives in Palestine before starting work to help establish eight women-led cooperatives ranging from animal production, agricultural production, to sewing and embroidery production. The Center provided 560 training hours in cooperative concepts, technical procedures, and cooperative specialties, and conducted lobbying and advocacy campaigns targeting themodification of Labor Laws, Cooperative Laws, and providing social protection for cooperative workers. Currently, more than 50 women are working with the established cooperatives and making more than the minimum wage in Palestine.

Bisan Center
يعمل مركز بيسان من أجل دعم صمود الشعب الفلسطيني من خلال المساهمة في بناء مجتمع مدني فاعل، ويعمل من أجل نشر نماذج تنموية مشاركة مبنية على العدالة الاجتماعية، المساواة والديمقراطية وحقوق الإنسان واحترام الحريات الفردية والجماعية.

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